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  • The full 10-day Stop Drinking Online Video course

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  • My personal support through 3 x 30min 1 on 1 sessions where we do a personal Q&A

  • My cast-iron 30-day money back guarantee

The course runs over 10 days and when you sign up today, you will get access to the members area where you will find the video course and you can start immediately.

The course starts by clarifying what people believe about alcohol. Why we believe that alcohol is beneficial to us and I blow every myth out the water? You are then provided with the methods of how to change your own belief around alcohol by exploring the conscious and subconscious minds to understand how they operate. During this process you will learn the ground-breaking methods of how to break your drinking habits. 

The course then guides you through the withdrawal process by explaining what happens when you stop drinking, how it affects your body and your mind, and you are given the tools to successfully and easily make your way through it. 

​​You are introduced to the voice in your head, the voice that's always there, reminding you "One drink won't hurt",  but more importantly, you learn how to get rid of it. The course then ends by working with you to understand the methods that you can use to interrupt and control all your cravings.

Every day, over the next 10 days, the content for the following day will be released in sequence.

“The Stop Drinking Specialist course is a world-class, rated online course helping people to get back in control of their drinking. Over 50,000 people are now living happy sober lives as a testament to just how effective and easy to follow the process is. However, if after test driving the course you are not impressed with the results, I will refund your money in full. The only condition is that you genuinely gave it your 100% passion and commitment. You must have completed the daily modules and homework assignments to qualify for the refund.”

Day 1 - Denial & Beliefs We start the course by talking about what we as a society believe is acceptable when it comes to beautifully Wrapped Poison. We look in from the outside and explain the false beliefs. We have been lied to all our lives about alcohol.

Day 2 - What if & Goal setting What if & Goal setting. Stopping drinking fills us with fear. Day 2 handles this fear and how you know what course of action to take when you understand what deceiving game alcohol is playing. You are shown how the alcohol magic is performed.

Day 3 - The FIRE All drugs use the pain and reward system. Day 3 talks about the Physical Chemistry of addiction and how we overcome it, how Psychological addiction works and how subconscious programmes can be changed.

Day 4 - The Alcohol Loop Because alcohol drags us into a loop of despair when we drink it, we need to be crystal clear on what our goal is when we stop drinking. Day 4 discussed what the best option is between cutting down, stopping or just carry on drinking.

Day 5 - Gains & Losses This course is for problem drinkers and not alcoholics. In day 5 I show you why you have nothing to fear from stopping drinking as a problem drinker. Stories of horrible withdrawal are not applicable to problems drinkers.

Day 6 - Methods Today is a real penny drop moment for many members. From this point, stopping alcohol becomes a part of your new reality. Day 6 is when we start talking about rewiring the brain and the methods to do that.

Day 7 - The Way forward Ivan Pavlov proved; we can anchor a physical response to a situation by ringing a bell. As drinkers we anchor alcohol to stress, relaxing, etc. Day 4 is talking about how Pavlov showed us how we can un-program the anchors.

Day 8 - The cost of Drinking We all know alcohol costs money but as problem drinkers we never want to do the calculation or know the number that we are spending. Day 8 is all about the cost of drinking and how much better off you will be when you stop drinking.

Day 9 - One Neat Package Stopping drinking is easy but putting it all together on one page for you makes it so much easier. Day 9 puts the stop drinking puzzle together, taking all methods and processes and present it as one neat package as a takeaway.

Day 10 - Dealing with my Friends Members are always worried about how to handle their family and friends who still drink. Day 10 provides specific methods that you can use and implement to ensure that family and friends stay on track with your sober life.


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