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Why Living A Sober Life Just Got Very Cool

 The truth is a sober life has a handful of advantages that are going to make every aspect of your life better and more enjoyable.

If you’re considering taking the pledge to become sober, you’re going to want to read this. We’re outlining the ten ways that you can look forward to your life-changing when you choose to give up your addiction and commit to living a sober life. 

Are you wondering what life is going to be like when you are living a sober life?

If you’re struggling with alcohol addiction, rest assured that you’re not alone. In fact, nearly 47 million Europeans over the age of 18 reports having an alcohol dependence problem.

The good news is that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and overcoming your addiction is possible. While the path to sobriety and living a sober life certainly has its challenges, the result is well worth the difficulties along the way.

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1. Better Relationship with Yourself

First things first, one of the most beneficial perks is that you’re going to build a better relationship with yourself.

Once you commit to a sober lifestyle, you can officially free yourself of the shame, guilt, and embarrassment that is often tied with addiction. Instead, you can begin each day feeling proud of the person that you have become and the lifestyle that you have overcome. 

2. You’ll Have More Money

Let’s face it, maintaining an alcohol addiction isn’t exactly affordable.

At the end of the day, it takes a serious amount of money to fuel daily addiction. Not only are you spending money on alcohol, but you’re also likely spending excess money on things that are tied to your addiction. These are things such as nightclubs, entertainment, and restaurants.

Once you stop drinking, you’ll finally notice a more healthy and consistent number in your bank account. Now, you pay down debts and start to invest money in the things in life that actually matter. 

3. You Look Better Physically

It only seems fitting that when you stop loading your body with everyday toxins your outside appearance drastically improves.

When you stop drinking, you’ll notice just how many aspects of your physical appearance appear brighter and healthier. For many, this is significantly noticeable in terms of hair, complexion, lacking dark circles, and overall weight.

Not only is this a positive physical change, but it’s also a positive change for our mind and self-perception. As the age-old saying goes when you look good you feel good. 

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4. Relationships Improve

When you’re overcome by an addiction, it’s almost impossible to maintain healthy relationships with those around you.

Be it friends, family, or a loving partner, these important figures in your life typically fall second to your addiction. However, once you forgo your addiction, the people that mean the most to you become your primary point of focus.

Without your addiction hanging over your head, you can work to correct these relationships and be your best self, friend, and partner. 

5. Your Memory Improves

Remember those mornings waking up with only small fractions of memory from the night before? Not only was this undeniably bad for our system, but it also caused severe instances of anxiety and worry.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of sober living is the fact that you no longer have to wake up feeling shame and regret for last night’s event. Now, there’s no more forgotten memories or over compassing worry for what may have happened.

Instead, you can live your life with a clear mind and enjoy every memorable second of life.

6. You Develop Healthy Habits

In overcoming addiction, it only feels natural to provide your body with the care and attention that it lacked throughout your addiction.

When you are no longer feeding your body with toxins, you can begin to feed your body with nutrients and exercise. In doing so, you can look forward to developing a healthy routine that provides your body with the goodness that it needs. 

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7. Your Work Ethic Improves

When you embrace a sober lifestyle, you are no longer showing up to the office in a state of exhaustion and confusion.

Instead, you can look forward to achieving mental clarity each and every day. Not only will this clarity encourage you to produce better work, but it will also improve your focus and attention.

This can encourage you to develop a positive relationship with your work environment and commit to improving your work-life balance. 

8. You Gain Respect

When it comes to addiction, maintaining a sober lifestyle is something that those around you will respect.

Many people around you understand the lure of addiction and the extent to how difficult such an addiction is to overcome. In fact, alcohol has become the third preventable cause of death in America. Not only is this a frightening figure, but it also reveals just how powerful addiction can be.

In beating this addiction, people will look up to you and truly commend the change that you have made in your life. 

9. You Have More Energy

When you’re fuelling an addiction, it’s not uncommon to feel that you have a total lack of energy.

After all, binge drinking has a significantly negative impact on the quality of one’s sleep. Without a proper night’s rest, the body must work overtime to deliver your mind and body with enough energy to get through the day. This is combined with the amount of energy that your body must commit to repairing the damage of alcohol in the system.

When you embrace a sober lifestyle, not only is the quality of your sleep improving drastically, you are also beginning each day with a clear and healthy mind. 

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10. You Can Maintain a Healthy Weight

One of the most significant changes that formed alcoholics notice in their new and improved lifestyle is a healthy decline in body weight.

In terms of calories, binge drinking typically becomes the number one calorie source for addicts. Without this additional, daily calorie source, former addicts are significantly minimizing their calorie load. Instead, calories are now coming from foods that are more natural for the body and easier to process. 

The Perks of Living a Sober Life

Of course, the most straightforward advantage of committing to a sober lifestyle is that you are no longer controlled by your addiction. However, the plentiful benefits that follow can be just as incredible.

From having more energy and improving your physical appearance to bettering your relationship with yourself and others, these benefits have the power to be life changing.

If you’re serious about getting sober, it’s safe to say that you’ll benefit from all the help you can get. Be sure to register for our how to stop drinking online session and get access to the best advice for living a sober life.

Why not join our daily FREE Online Session where we discuss how to stop drinking?

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