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The right mindset to stop drinking

There is no arguing the fact; problems with alcohol can make you downright miserable.

It can feel like being trapped in an endless loop. You keep running, hoping against hope to find the exit but the story keeps repeating over and over.

Similar to the background scenery in a ‘Scooby Do’ cartoon.

It is very easy to feel sorry for ourselves; we can even insist that we have a disease called ‘alcoholism’, and other people will also feel very sorry for us.

However, this sort of pity party solves nothing. I am not the sort of therapist that is going to hold your hand and tell you how terrible it is for you.

Alcohol addiction is a miserable and enduring experience, and we can blame our parents, the marketing, the social condition, or anything we choose. However, this sort of thinking will not deal with the problem, nor will it bring us any respite from the painful loop.

In the member’s area of the Stop Drinking Online Programme, there are people who have been sober for years. They stick around to help others – it’s a stope shockingly positive place to hang out. However, there are also people there who still can’t go more than a day without drinking.

If you ask me what the difference is between the two types of people are, I will say: The sober people do all the things that the drinkers refuse to do. This is the right mindset to stop drinking. 

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Sober people don’t have excuses, only the drinkers do.

Show me someone who is still drinking, and I guarantee you that they have a list of pre-prepared reasons why!

They will tell you that ‘they are having a tough time at home/work at the moment’, ‘they will just get Christmas out of the way’, ‘as soon as the vacation is done and dusted’ etc. The list of reasons to fail goes on and on.

Of course, many people are in genuinely terrible situations. I am not in any way attempting to minimize their struggle. It’s just essential that you separate the event from the problem. People don’t become problem drinkers because of terrible life events, but rather the drug seizes upon these challenges as golden opportunities to hook us in. 

Your journey to escaping alcoholism begins with a dumping of the excuses and taking 100% responsibility for the situation.

Notice I did not use the word ‘blame’, because it is a pointless bleating of the ego and nothing more. 

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Blame never serves any worthwhile purpose.

For example, let’s say your goal is to run the 4-minute mile.

Unfortunately, during training one day, you fall and break your leg. You may think that this is a really great reason why you have failed to achieve your goal, and perhaps it is. But does using the excuse give you anything in its place?

You missed your target, suck it up and deal with it. Stop using excuses to justify your failure.

Remember the Rocky quote… “winning has nothing to do with how hard you can hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep getting back up”?

When you come up with an excuse you are choosing the stay down on the mat.

To become a happy sober person, you take responsibility and develop an internal state of mind that takes ownership of the challenge.

You must have a deep determination to deal with this problem no matter what is thrown at you.

Not because someone else told you to or because you feel guilty about letting other people down but purely for the love of yourself.

Start by taking a pen and paper and sitting down alone. Write down every reason why you are drinking alcohol. 

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Common reasons include:

  • Because it helps me relax
  • I need it to cope with my stressful life
  • I can’t sleep without a drink
  • It’s my only pleasure
  • It helps me be more sociable 

Keep writing until you have exhausted yourself.

Every single reason you have for drinking is down there on that piece of paper.

When you have your list, sign up for my free stop drinking online session, and you may be shocked to discover I already know what’s on your list. In this free online coaching session, I will go through each of these justifications and explain what is really going on. 

The truth behind the bullshit, if you will forgive the expression.

Every single reason, even if it seems entirely logical is nothing but an illusion – including that list I just gave you.

There is a reason why alcohol is the second most addictive substance on planet earth (just behind heroin).

That is because it is exceptionally good at what it does, and it is exceptionally good at making all its traps and tricks look harmless.

Alcohol hooks people in so slowly that you don’t notice what is going on until it’s too late. It’s like painfully slow-moving quicksand.

Alcohol will let you get all the way out into the middle before it starts to pull you under.

Just like being in quicksand, kicking and screaming and blaming someone else for not warning you won’t help you get out. 

Why not join our daily FREE Online Session where we discuss how to stop drinking?

The mindset to stop drinking starts with responsibility

You got yourself into this loop, and it is you who is going to get yourself out. I challenge you to learn the truth about every one of those reasons you noted down.

Dissect them and tear them apart until you fully understand how the illusion is performed. Next, accept 100% responsibility for dealing with this addiction.

There is no magic bullet out there; there is no pill you can take to make this go away.

There is a solution, but you can’t buy it because you already own it. It’s inside you – your focus and commitment to get this poison out of your life at all costs is the secret to escaping the loop of alcohol addiction once and for all.

If you are ready to take the next step and take action, reserve your space on today’s Free Stop Drinking Online session. I will even give you a free copy of my bestselling book ‘My Life in a Bottle’, as a gift for turning up. 

Why not join our daily FREE Online Session where we discuss how to stop drinking?

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