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Vitamins for Alcoholics and Problem Drinkers That Work!

I have noticed over the years of helping people to stop drinking that people do a lot better when involving vitamins for alcoholics and nutritional supplements in initial sobriety, especially L-Glutamine. 

Wait! Do I need to remind you that I am not a doctor, and this is not to be considered medical advice? 

Glutamine is an amino acid that occurs organically in the body. This powerful compound is also discovered in types of foods that are abundant in healthy protein like poultry, red meat, seafood and veggies like kale and broccoli, together with kernels like peanuts.

There are circumstances where the human body does not generate sufficient glutamine. Individuals with demanding and stress-filled careers in addition to people who are recuperating from severe health problems like carcinomas and cancer.

Men and women who are battling with alcoholism do not create sufficient quantities of Glutamine either. Substantial use of alcohol prevents the production Glutamine and prevents the uptake of the amino acid. 

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Supplements are not a cure, but they can help

Therefore dietary supplementation of L-Glutamine might be advantageous in assisting problem drinkers to stop drinking and stay stop. Glutamine helps us keep a stable state of mind, this can really help when it comes to dealing with those early cravings for alcohol.

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcohol addiction, around 30% of individuals who have struggled with clinical depression have also been addicted to alcohol.

More and more people are using alcohol to ‘cope with life’, as a sedative for the stress of it.

Does alcohol make you depressed?

Lots of people are not conscious that ethanol is a sedative and if you are already in a low state of mind, you will slip even more into that great void of sadness if you continue taking alcohol as a way to cope with life.

Glutamine supplements may minimize the signs and symptoms of clinical depression and control mood. This will decrease the odds that you will respond badly to tension or distressing circumstances, which in turn will minimize your propensity to rely on drinking.

Along with Glutamine’s capacity to decrease the desire for alcohol, the amino acid can offer a variety of physical health enhancements that everybody may take advantage of, particularly people who are bouncing back from alcohol addiction.

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Weight loss is often another great side-benefit

L-Glutamine may also help in weight reduction attempts because the amino acid reduces our desire for carbs. Taking the nutritional supplement with a healthy snack can also provide a sensation of satisfaction in order to avoid overindulging.

This amino acid also strengthens the muscles and boosts overall stamina. It may also improve the body immune system, and folks who have been struggling with alcohol addiction absolutely have a weakened defence against illness and disease, particularly if they have been using alcohol for a long time.

Along with taking Glutamine as a component of an alcohol rehabilitation course, those who struggle with alcohol dependence may also benefit from a few other solutions to enhance the odds of soberness.

The Stop Drinking Online Programme is famous for dealing with the causes of problem drinking and not just the symptoms.

Therapy to identify the causes for the addict’s clinical depression and disparaging behaviour is useful and taking supplements in between counselling appointments may make the addict more responsive to the recommendations and discoveries talked about in therapy.

It goes without saying that you should consult a doctor before using any supplements.


LivaTone is an organic liver conditioner containing the liver herbs Milk Thistle, Globe Artichoke and Dandelion, blended with the amino acid Taurine, and Lecithin. It also includes all-natural sources of Chlorophyll, Carotenoids, and fibre.

The liver is the primary weight loss system in the body and controls body fat and carb metabolic process.

A healthy and balanced liver organ will take excess fat in the form of blood cholesterol and push it into the intestinal tracts where it will be removed in the digestive motions. But only if your diet is elevated in nutritional fibre. 

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Tyrosine is an organic amino acid, one of the foundations of healthy protein. It is needed for the fabrication of the brain neurotransmitters, dopamine, and noradrenaline. These natural chemicals are needed for focus, awareness, recollection and a happy, steady state of mind. 


Of all the vitamins for alcoholics, this mineral plays the most important function in sustaining and encouraging effective muscle mass functionality and nerve transmission.

Magnesium is an important nutrient for numerous cellular chemicals engaged in the system’s power production and metabolic process. It is needed by the nerve system to moderate the functionality of nerves and muscles.

This mineral might also help in the minimization of tension, stress, nervousness, and insomnia. 

Other vitamins for alcoholics and problem drinkers

Whenever detoxing, the human body will exhaust its reserves for numerous vitamins and mineral and require extra dietary assistance.

Make sure to speak with your physician before making any modifications to your eating plan or trying any nutritional supplement, as they may not be ideal for your case.

For instance, lots of problem drinkers have a vitamin A shortage, but we’re not placing it on this checklist of alcohol withdrawal vitamins. The reason being, excessive vitamin A in an alcoholic’s system can trigger fibrosis in the liver (an accumulation of scar tissue).

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The vitamin and detoxification supplement your body probably wants most are:

B vitamins

Vitamins B1, B3, and B5 all assist your body turn glucose into power, and vitamins B6 and B12 assist your body to create red blood cells.

Sadly, alcohol and substance abuse get in the way of the body’s capacity to assimilate these nutrients. It may seem too simple addition to make any real difference, but these common nutrients act as amazing alcohol withdrawal vitamins.

A multivitamin pill can also supply a sufficient dose of B2 (riboflavin) and B6 (pyridoxine). Vitamin B9 (folic acid) is one more essential part of the bigger picture that can typically be ingested purely via a regular, well-balanced diet plan.

My course is designed for problem drinkers rather than full-blown alcoholics. Yes, there is a difference!

Alcoholics often need inpatient care from a medical team because the damage caused by alcohol is so severe. They are at particular risk of a serious and sometimes fatal condition called ‘alcoholic wet brain’.

Simply put, this is a chronic vitamin B deficiency. It is so severe that it can’t be corrected with over the counter vitamins for alcoholics. An IV super dose is required under the supervision of a doctor. 

C vitamins

Lots of people with a vitamin C shortage feel tired or despondent when stopping drinking. These are the reverse of what you need while you’re already dealing with withdrawal signs and symptoms.

A few reports have revealed that including Vitamin C to your eating plan can assist minimize these manifestations. 

Omega-3 fats

Omega-3 has been associated with a multitude of health perks from heart protection to assisting with clinical depression. While you can obtain this from consuming some seafood like fish, lots of people decide to choose a fish oil capsule.

This was in the top 3 alcohol withdrawal vitamins I used when I dealt with my own problem drinking.

When selecting a nutritional supplement, try to find one that has both EPA and DHA. Nevertheless, do not use greater than 3 grams of fish oil daily, as an excessive amount can trigger blood thinning. 

Calcium supplements

Alcohol consumption disrupts the body’s capacity to absorb calcium. This presents a complication particularly for female drinkers, who are in danger from the weakening of bones after substantial alcohol consumption.

Calcium mineral supplements function best when you’re also acquiring lots of vitamin D, so lay in the sunshine awhile to help your system generate what it requires. 

Dealing with problem drinking

Dealing with problem drinking is about a 360 approach to the problem.

Over the counter supplements and vitamins for alcoholics on their own are never going to be enough to stop drinking, you need the full program.

However, they do help take the edge off cravings and get you over the first few weeks of sobriety.

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