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How to Stop Drinking Today

So, you want to stop drinking today, great, but how do you get the mindset to do it? At the back of my house, there is a huge multi-gym. It cost me a lot of money and I hate it!

I hate it with a passion, every day when I walk past it, I swear profusely at it.

However, every day without fail, I spend forty minutes using it. I don’t do it because I enjoy it or because I want to look like a muscle man.

I use it because I understand the consequences of not using it. And I recognize the benefits of putting the effort in.

I am nearly 43 years old. I understand that the aches and pains I feel these days are only going to get worse if I don’t act. 

Nobody Can Fix This but You

Nobody is going to fix this problem for me, and excuses are going to get me nothing but permission to fail.

Stopping drinking requires the same determination, maturity, and focus. You can’t half-heatedly stop drinking, you are either committed to this decision or you are not.

I see a recurring theme in the Stop Drinking Members Facebook group.

Somebody will confess to a moment of weakness the night before and reveal that they fell off the wagon.

This will be followed by a series of well-meaning and supportive comments expressing empathy and sympathy. 

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This is not helpful!

Doing this would be the same as me coming up with a daily excuse to not use the multi-gym and then looking for sympathy from Daniela when she comes home from work.

“Oh Daniela, it’s so terrible. I wanted to use the multi gym but then I felt a bit sick and decided to sit in front of the TV instead… how awful it’s been for me”

Every day I think of an excuse not to exercise and every day I have a choice as to whether I use the excuse or act like a grown up and do what is required of me.

Once you are outside the physical kick from the drug, which lasts a few weeks and no more. You are into the territory of psychological issues and anchors.

This is no different from other choices that you make on a daily basis. 

When you choose to drink (because let’s be honest, it is your decision – nobody pours it into your mouth). You are choosing to be a victim.

Taking the path of least resistance nearly always gets you a poor outcome.

Think about it… it would be easier to sit at home than to get up every morning and go to work.

It would be easier for me to throw a sheet over the multi-gym and forget I ever bought the bloody thing. And it would be easier to just pour the glass of wine and drink it.

But would any of those choices benefit you in the long run? 

Of course not! 

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So, this is where you have to take responsibility for making the right choice. You are entirely capable of doing this because you prove it in other areas on a daily basis.

I am not writing this to bully you or patronize you.

I want to encourage you to get motivated about this part of your life – to stop drinking today!

I passionately believe that if you want to stop, and more importantly ‘stay stop’ then you have to adopt a binary mindset about this.

Stopping drinking is easy; just don’t put alcohol in your mouth… there you’ve done it.

Staying stop is about the choices you make on an ongoing basis.

It’s easier to make good decisions when you have good data to base them upon.

For example: If your child asked if they could go on a school trip abroad. You wouldn’t just say yes without first asking some important questions and doing a little research.

Perhaps after speaking to the teachers and some other parents. If you were comfortable that it was safe and sensible you may decide to allow your child, the trip. 

Stopping drinking is an important decision in your life.

So, make sure you have a head full of good and correct information to allow you to make wise choices.

When you get the temptation to have ‘just one glass of wine’. If you know for 100% certainty that the drug is going to disable your ability to make rational decisions. You know it will deliberately try and force you to drink more, then it is easy to make a choice.

This awareness will allow you to make a decision that will serve you in a positive way. 

Take Action

I use the multi gym every day because I understand that only I can make the choices required to ensure I am fit, healthy and happy.

Deciding to finally stop drinking is the same; actually, it is the ultimate act of self-respect.

Take ownership of this challenge, become obsessive about learning the truth about this drug and use the weight of this knowledge to help you make empowering decisions.

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