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How to Socialise Without Alcohol and Still Have a Great Time

Ready to learn the secret to an amazing life without alcohol?

You know that your drinking has gotten out of control lately.

You’re tired of waking up the next morning with either absolutely no memory of the last night’s events or memories that you wish you could forget.

In addition to the emotional consequences of excessive drinking, you’ve also put on weight, continuously struggle to stay focused throughout the day, and are dealing with other effects of alcohol withdrawal like the shakes.

However, you can’t deny that alcohol has become the centrepiece of your social life, and you’re concerned about how to have fun without alcohol.

The good news is that sober fun isn’t as impossible as you might think. Want proof? Click here to secure your place at today’s free stop drinking online session.

Read on to learn more about not only how to get through a social event without drinking, but also the benefits of doing so. We’ll also fill you in on how to get help to stop drinking without going to rehab or attending AA

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How to Have Fun Without Alcohol

If you’re used to spending every social event a few steps away from the bar, an evening without alcohol likely sounds absolutely awful.

If you can’t drink, you don’t want to go, because you know you won’t be able to have any fun without alcohol to loosen you up, right?


Sober fun is an adjustment at first, but it won’t change your social life as much as you think.

Let’s talk about how to not only get through events without alcohol but also how to actually enjoy them even more than you did when drinking. 

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1. Bring a Sober Friend

Let’s face it: stopping drinking isn’t easy, especially in a social setting.

Everyone around you is drinking, and as the evening continues, you start to realize that you’re the only one who isn’t tipsy at the party. This can quickly make you feel like the “odd one out.” You may feel like you’re “missing out” on the fun that everyone else is having, or even that other people don’t want to talk to you because you’re sober and they’re not.

Though this isn’t the reality, it can be nearly impossible to convince yourself of that at the moment.

That’s why, especially for your first few sober outings, it can be an awesome idea to bring a sober friend with you. This way, you’ll have someone to talk to and, most importantly, someone who can keep you accountable.

But what if you’re at an event where you can’t bring a plus-one?

The good news is that no matter what you might think, you’re probably not the only sober person there. Ask your host beforehand (more on that later) if anyone else who is sober will be present, then introduce yourself.

You can also ask a trusted friend to stay sober with you throughout the night. (Offer to buy them dinner to sweeten the deal.) 

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2. Choose an Activity-Based Setting

Unfortunately, many people choose to drink or indulge in another substance out of little more than boredom.

If you don’t have something to do, it’s tougher to avoid reaching for the alcohol.

Plan to meet your friends in a place that’s centred around a group activity.

This can be somewhere like a bowling alley, a paintball range, a pottery class, or even a movie. If it’s a setting where alcohol isn’t even on the menu at all, so much the better. 

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3. Hold onto Something

It sounds so minor at first but making the transition to not having a drink in your hands at a party can be much tougher than you think (just ask anyone who has also stop smoking.)

Keeping your hands full and busy can help you to avoid the urge to drink. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re sipping on a glass of orange juice or chopping up vegetables in the kitchen. If possible, aim to have something in your hands.

In addition to making, you feel more comfortable, it also makes other people who may not know about your sobriety less likely to offer to get you a drink. Water or seltzer with lemon or lime often does the trick. 

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4. Socialise in the Daytime

Sober fun doesn’t just have to happen at night — and in many cases, socializing during the daytime as opposed to happy hour and beyond can help you to stick to your sobriety.

When you make plans with friends, ask them to attend fairs and festivals with you that take place during the day. You could also go for a run/walk in a local park, hit the mall, or just meet up for brunch.

In addition to avoiding the temptation to drink, you’ll also love the added benefit of an earlier bedtime. 

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5. Connect with the Host Beforehand

Especially if you’re still relatively new to sobriety, it can be intimidating or even embarrassing to think about telling someone that you’re no longer drinking.

However, doing so not only reduces the stigma around alcohol addiction, but it also helps hosts know how to help you avoid triggers and make sure you have plenty of options.

After all, it’s unrealistic to think that you’ll be able to avoid situations where alcohol is present for the rest of your life. Instead of staying home, do what you can to prepare.

Ask the host to provide mocktails or even see if you can help them with things like serving guests or cleaning up to keep yourself busy during the event. They can even leave out things like board games for sober guests to play together instead of drinking. 

Why not join our daily FREE Online Session where we discuss how to stop drinking?


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