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Alcohol Addiction: The Escape Plan

I tell people who enrol for my online stop drinking course that they should see their alcohol addiction as a third party. Almost like there is a little gremlin living inside their head. I call this monster ‘the evil clown’.

It may seem slightly schizophrenic to suggest that you and your alcohol addiction are two separate things.

However, in my many years of dealing with alcohol-addicted individuals, I have never once concluded that the person in question is ‘broken’, ‘weak’ or ‘just plain stupid’.

In fact, I have noticed that alcohol seems to pray particularly on the intelligent and introverted more than most.

Brainpower, creative thinking, and introversion are all a curse as much as they are a gift.

If an individual manages to harness and focus this state of mind, they can achieve truly breath-taking things. However, if left without boundaries and direction it can make a person beyond miserable.

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Uncontrolled Introversion + Alcohol Addiction

Uncontrolled introversion can lead to chronic overthinking, depression, worry, anxiety and panic.

When someone like this discovers alcohol the Evil Clown really sits up and pays attention.

The clown knows that these people need to be nurtured and cared for because they are easy to hook to the drug.

Alcohol gives us overthinkers a tool to stop the craziness of our minds for a brief moment.

If alcohol wasn’t hell-bent on destroying every aspect of our lives, some might be able to claim it’s a worthwhile tool.

However, that’s a bit like saying rain would be great if it didn’t get you wet. The Evil Clown wants these people dead and he will stop at nothing until he gets this result.

At the moment it probably doesn’t make a great deal of sense that there is a third party living inside you. But let me explain how I know this to be true.

When you develop a drink problem you are acutely aware of just how much damage is being done to your life. 

Separating The You From Alcohol Addiction

Everything that ever mattered to you is under violent attack.

Your finances are crashing, your relationships are dying, your career is treading water (at best) and your health is starting to fail.

Yet, despite everything falling down around you. There is still a voice in your head that says, ‘what you need to deal with this is a drink’.

This is quite clearly an insane viewpoint.

It would be like going to a hospital with cancer and the doctor suggesting they are going to try and cure the problem by giving you more cancer.

However, nobody I ever met in my member’s area is clinically insane. So where does this unhinge view come from?

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The Evil Clown

99.9% of your brain is beautiful, powerful and capable of creating amazing things in your life. However, buried deep in the middle is the Evil Clown. He is small but noisy.

Let me prove that he is there:

Stop reading for a moment and sit quietly for a few moments. Next, I want you to vividly imagine never being allowed to have another alcoholic drink again for the rest of your life.

Most drinkers will feel a sensation of panic, fear, and denial. They feel all these counter-intuitive sensations despite how desperate they are to stop drinking. 

This insane noise is the Clown screaming in horror. 

He doesn’t’ usually lose his cool like that. The Evil Clown is clever; he can generally control his temper.

He can, for the most part, keep the smile painted on his face and whisper nicely in your ear.

He is a master manipulator and like all control freaks, he will do what it takes to get the outcome he wants.

My daughter is a ninja of this sort of persuasion technology.

If she wants something, she doesn’t just ask for it (like my son would do). 

You Are Being Manipulated!

She will tell me how much she loves me, how much of a great Dad I am and how lucky she feels to have me in her life…

Then and only then she will drop the bomb. “Dad, you know how my sneakers are looking a little old now. Would you mind buying me some more at the Mall today?

When you get home after a hard day at work, the Evil Clown wants you straight onto the drug. Alcohol gives him power and control.

However, despite how much he wants to, he doesn’t just scream ‘drink alcohol you asshole’ in your ear. Instead, he acts like my daughter does when she wants some new sneakers. 

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He gently whispers in your ear.

He tells you how great you are that you got through such a tough day. He tells you that you deserve to let off some steam and really kickback. Have a drink and relax my friend, it’s about time you did something for yourself.

He doesn’t need to keep this performance up for long, he knows the moment you take the first sip he has you. The drug will do the rest, he can go back to bed and leave you to it.

Have you noticed that you sometimes let out a beautifully deep outward sigh when you take your first drink of the day?

But you never do it with the second drink. This is the Evil Clown screaming in ecstasy that yet again he tricked you, and so easily too.

At first, this concept may feel scary but there is some exceptionally good news.

The Clown can’t survive unless you feed him. He has no way of nourishing himself. Unless you provide for him, he will quickly lose power and eventually fall into a deep coma.

You will notice I didn’t say die! 

Alcohol Addiction: Ready to Escape?

One glass of alcohol at any time will act as a heart defibrillator, violently slamming him back into the waking world. Your alcohol addiction will return with anger!

No, you can’t kill him, but you can easily sentence him to a lifetime in a tiny prison cell. And for the sort of crimes this twisted malevolent demon has committed there can be no more fitting place for him to rot away his time.

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