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5 ways to stop drinking alcohol and stay sober

Nearly 47 million Europeans struggle with substance abuse disorders every year. Illicit drugs make up a portion of this statistic. However, most people who struggle with substance addiction are addicted to alcohol. 

The sad thing is alcoholism can start at an early age. Young people start drinking to rebel, fit in, or just have a good time. Unfortunately, this type of behaviour can have serious, long-term consequences. 

The question is, what are the best ways to stop drinking alcohol once you’re addicted?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. We can help give you some answers.

Keep reading for our top tips to stop drinking and stay sober. 

1. Reach Out for Help

First and foremost, you don’t have to bear this burden alone. You may feel underlying emotions of guilt and shame surrounding your addiction, but you shouldn’t let that stop you from reaching out for help. 

You have people around you whom you can lean on for support. Believe us, they would much rather go out of their way to help you learn how to stay sober than see you go down a dangerous path. 

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2. Avoid Your Triggers

If you want to stop drinking and stay sober, you must avoid the old routines and habits that led to your addiction. For example, going to bars and other social events where the main source of entertainment is alcohol is a bad idea. 

However, this can also pertain to things like going golfing, fishing, or watching the game in your living room. It’s best to avoid activities that you associate with drinking. Trying to do these activities sober could lead to a relapse. 

3. Don’t Hang Out with People Who Will Enable You

The best way to stop drinking is to stop hanging out with people who do. If they’re not aware of your addiction, they’ll likely try to persuade you to drink. Some people are even selfish enough to enable you to drink in full awareness of your addiction.

It’s best to be honest with people, especially if they like to drink but you don’t want to stop hanging out with them entirely. If they can’t support your decision, it may be time to find new friends. 

4. Be Prepared for Withdrawal Symptoms

One of the best ways to stop drinking alcohol indefinitely is to prepare yourself for the withdrawal symptoms that come along with getting sober. The severity and longevity of your symptoms will be dictated by the level of your dependency.

You may experience depression, anxiety, irritability, and have trouble sleeping. 

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5. Create New Healthier Habits

Finally, learning how to stop drinking means finding healthier habits and activities to replace it. Many people choose to dive headfirst in the other direction and get into fitness. Start an exercise routine to start improving your health. 

You can also embrace other hobbies such as music, art, or community sports. Use this time to explore your interests. 

Looking for More Ways to Stop Drinking Alcohol and Other Health Advice?

There are countless ways to stop drinking alcohol. Different methods will work for different people. We recommend implementing multiple strategies for the best results. 

Most importantly, remember that you’re not alone. Reach out to the people who care about you. Bring them in and allow yourself to lean on them for support.

And lastly, if you’re looking for any other health-related advice, be sure to check out some of our other articles before you go. Our blog is dedicated to helping everyday people optimise their health to promote long and happy lives.

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